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   Hi, my name is Karin Maggipinto.    I think most of us would agree that a healthier, longer life and a good appearance are things that are important to us.
But, like you, I also live in the real world.
   As a busy Mom with 2 small children I know all too well how little time we have each day to take care of ourselves. We want to keep healthy and stay fit and trim, but how do we do it? When do we do it?   To complicate things, just consider the many choices available to us in the search for a healthier body and a better shape: diets, exercise regimens, even surgery! How do you decide what’s best?   There is an alternative. What I’m going to describe to you in the next few pages is not a diet, not an exercise regimen, not surgery. It’s a Program - a collection of proven methods designed to create a healthier, more attractive YOU. And, it can provide additional benefits as well.
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